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Our Curriculum

Here at Mrs. Brown's Daycare & Preschool we're excited to tell our parents all about our wonderful, fun and exciting, Preschool Curriculum!!!

So what is so wonderful about our Preschool Curriculum, you ask?
This year your child will benefit from a professionally developed preschool curriculum. Our
​comprehensive curriculum nurtures the whole child and supports  social,physical and intellectual development. Your child will build foundational skills in early literacy, math, music, art, social studies and science.

Hands-On Learning -

Children will love learning as they create art, sing, dance, read books and explore the world around them. Our curriculum presents many creative and hands-on experiences for children to explore every day. Throughout the process, they will ask questions, problem solve and discover a joy for learning.

 Family Involvement -

We help you stay connected to your child's learning by sending home many projects created by your child including art, mini-books, games and little journals, Through these interactive projects, children learn letters, numbers, shapes and fun facts about the monthly focus theme.

Each month you will also receive a family newsletter highlighting the theme of the month. You will get tips for talking to your child about the topics they are learning. Also included are song lyrics, finger plays and other fun activities you can share with your child at home.

Curious, Creative & Ready for Kindergarten -

Our curriculum allows your child's teacher the ability to customize lessons to your child's skill level and learning style. the result is a safe environment where your child can confidently try new tasks and increase his/her innate sense of curiosity. All daily lesson plans and activities are designed to help your child gain proficiency in the skills needed to support lifelong success in learning


A Glance at February

Theme of the month: Food and Fitness

This month serves up a big portion of healthy food and fitness. We begin with an introduction to food groups. As we learn about the food we eat, we will follow it from farm to table. In the kitchen, your child will learn about the importance of safety and cleanliness. Then, they will participate by measuring, pouring, cutting, stirring, and following recipes. Next, it's time to jump into fitness. Race, run, jump, kick, throw, and catch. Your child will learn about growing, getting stronger and staying healthy. It all ends with a good night's sleep.


February  - Food and Fitness

Topics your child will explore and learn this month:
  • Week one: Food Groups
  • Week two: In the Kitchen
  • Week three: Fitness
  • Week four: Health
  • Letters: Jj, Ll and Gg
  • Numbers: 11, 12 and 13
  • Shape: Heart
  • Colors: Red and Pink
  • Social Behavior: I am patient
  • American Sign Language Sign: Smile
  • . . . and so much more!

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