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Below is our schedule with all of our activities combined. To view our activity schedule in full detail please see Mrs. Brown at our facility. Thank you! 

7:00AM to 7:50AM

Arrival, Quiet Play Time or Quiet Activity (quiet toys, drawing, puzzles, coloring, reading, etc.), Feed Class/Family Pets

 7:50AM to 8:3AM  Restroom Break, Wash Hands, Breakfast Time
8:30AM to 11:30A


Our school time consist of Circle Time, Story Time,  Art, Math, Manipulatives, Writing, Science, Music, Sensory Activities, Dramatic Play, Block Play, Outdoor Play, and Quiet Activities. Children will be explore different activities on different days and all activities will be integrated with basis concepts (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc.) throughout the month

 11:30AM to 11:55PM 1st Recess
 11:55AM to 12:30PM
  Restroom Break, Wash Hands, Lunch Time
 12:30PM to 3:20PM Free Play Time (30 min.), TV Time (30 min.), Nap/Quiet Time (1 hr. 10 min.)
 3:20PM to 3:40PM
  Restroom Break, Wash Hands, PM Snack Time
3:50PM to 6:00PM 

2nd Recess (1 hr. 10 min.), Indoor Play Time (25 min.), Clean Up (5 min.),TV Time (30 min.), Farewell

Keeping Our Kiddos Busy One Activity at a Time!


 Math: This was one of many of our math activities. The month's theme was "Down on the Farm". We learned all about different farm animals, the different things that they provide for us (like milk from cows, eggs from chickens, sweaters from sheep, etc.). This particular math activity (photo seen above) was called, "Where's My Baby Chicks?" Each child had a turn to choose a number from the number pile then count out the correct number of baby chicks! They all thought this was a really fun game.


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